How to “bag the interview” – Suits & more.

How to “bag the interview”

What do you think is the first thing your prospective employer is going to notice as soon as you walk into that room?

Here’s a short list that’ll sum it up:


Within two seconds, your interviewer is going to have a conscious or subconscious impression of how you look and whether or not he wants to hire you based on how you have made him feel within that instance.


Everything else comes afterwards.   

How you conduct your interview is totally on you.  But how look during your interview; is where I can certainly be of some help.

So let’s get started….

Selecting the right Suit:

There are general suit colors and fabrics which are ideal for interviews but a “one size fits all” – suit may not apply in some cases.  Therefore, selecting the right suit for your interview is key.  Now selecting the right suit, begs the question:  Which Industry and for which position are you interviewing?  To best help you understand which suit is right for you, I’m going to narrow it down to three general genres of the interview suit outfit.


  • The Signature Gray Suit

This suit is a perfect choice for almost all industries and all beginner level to intermediate level, Managerial Positions. Pair it with a predominantly white shirt and a blue tie; Medium tone brown leather shoes and a nice leather belt.









  • The Dark Pinstripe Suit

My first choice of color is dark navy.
Navy is a powerful color and a navy suit is a power suit.

If you’re interviewing for a Senior Management, VP or an Executive position, this suit makes a strong power statement.  Secondary to navy color, I would go with a dark charcoal color but in either case, pin stripes are a must.







  • The Sartorial Strength Suit

If you’re interviewing for a position in an industry related to fashion, style or PR, then I suggest you walk into that room making a strong sartorial statement as it will imply that you have inclined fashion sense and you are a creative individual.

I suggest a prominent check suit combined with a contrasting shirt, a bold tie and a pocket square which complements the overall outfit.







Appear to be a well-groomed, clean and hygienic person.

How to give off the clean impression.

  • We’re our cleanest right after a shower; Our hair is wet.
  • So even if you’re the “dry” look guy, for your interview, you want to give a nicely styled, wet look to your hair.The wet look…. looks clean.
  • It gives the subconscious impression of just getting out of the shower thus, giving the sensation that you have showered before the interview and therefore, you are clean.
  • Next:  Clip your nails.
  • Next:  Trim your beard
  • Next:  Fix your eye brows
  • Next:  Wax that sexy stache

I can’t stress enough how important it is to appear as a clean person, particularly, in a first impression.


Really, really good.

As important it is to smell good, it’s equally important to keep it subtle, don’t overdo it. A nice fresh body spray is a plus, but that’s not enough.

Spray on a nice cologne; do make sure you don’t apply too much and make sure it’s not too strong a fragrance. Stick with a mild, fresh essence. Below are some highly recommended selections for the occasion.


Leatherware by Coach

Leatherware by Coach













Starwalker by Mont Blanc

Starwalker by Mont Blanc














“F” by Ferragamo

f by Ferragamo











Last but not least:

A gentleman always irons his clothes, creases his pants and polishes his shoes. Walk the walk, talk the talk and rock the look!



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