Styles and Outfits to Re-Explore

Been back for a while… and this time, they’re here for good.

I’ve always been a die-hard fan of the some of these power styles which had been out of style for a long, long time.

The styles which I’m going to talk about today haven’t been highlighted much by Style Guru’s or many of the Fashion Mags but in case you haven’t noticed, a few of these sartorial “has been’s” are back with impact!

In all fairness, they’ve been back for a couple of years now but I think many of you are still a bit hesitant to re-explore.  This is all the more reason to talk about it and get you to break out of that shell of sartorial caveat.

Styles and outfits you need to re-explore:


The Double Breasted Jacket.

How it made a comeback with a modern day touch.

The modern double breasted jacket


How to wear it Formally

Formal Double Breasted Look


The Liberal Look

The Liberal Double Breasted Suit Look

The modern day tailoring adjustments allow the double breasted jacket to be worn in a more liberal way which makes it possible to pull off an informal look.


So the next time you’re invited to a friend’s house for an evening gathering, you should definitely give this look a shot.


NEXT UP:  The Turtle Neck.  

Yes!  Gone for a while and now, a sartorial statement is made and heads are turned.

The Turtle Neck Shirt


The Turtle Neck with a two button jacket

Check out these stunning appearances and how to pull off the liberal turtle neck look.

Turtle neck worn with a two button jacket


Ultimate Combo.
The Turtle Neck and Double Breasted Suit

Double breasted suit with turtle neck

I hope this article will encourage you to try on a modern day double breasted jacket paired with a turtle neck shirt or sweater.


Until next time!


Walk the walk, talk the talk and rock the look!



Gurri Kahlon

Legend and Stick


A brand focused on a Selective Collection of Suits, Shirts and Fine things in life for the Sartorial Man.


Featured Image Courtesy:  Vanity Fair
All Other Images Courtesy:  Pinterest

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  1. I love some of these older fashion. Those who know how to pull it off can still do that in 2017. I personally use the turtle neck and blazer look in San Francisco. It’s usually cold and the perfect weather for this look.

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