The Three Must Have Suits

I am often asked the question:  “which suit should I buy?”

A very general question.


But my answer to this question, always starts with a question:  “Which suits do you own?”


You see, before you starts to explore a vast and beautiful collection of men’s suit fabric;


First, it’s imperative for every man to have the following three essential suits:


1. The Navy Blue Suit

The navy suit is hands down, THE most important suit for any man to own.  

If you’re ever just going to have one suit, it should be a navy suit.


  • This is the only suit color which you can wear again and again without question;
  • It’s the only suit color which you can during a day event or an evening event.
  • You can easily pair the jacket with other trousers (gray or beige) and easily make it a suit separate.







2. The Gray Suit

The ultimate morning, day time and mid-day suit.

  • Wear it to a Wedding
  • Wear it to Work
  • Wear it on a Date








3.  The Black Suit

The must have evening suit and the suit for formal, black tie events.

  • Wear it to a Cocktail
  • Wear it to a Reception Dinner
  • Wear it to any Formal Black Tie Event


A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without these three suits.  These suits will complement any skin tone and most importantly, they will NEVER, go out of style.


Walk the walk, talk the talk and rock the look.



Gurri Kahlon

Legend and Stick


A brand focused on a Selective Collection of Suits, Shirts and Fine things in life for the Sartorial man.



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