How to wear the Contrast Collar

I love the contrast collar; it’s super formal, classy and just down right sexy.

The contrast collar makes a strong, power statement; sartorial and otherwise.


Firstly, a contrast collar is a shirt collar which is a different color than the body of the shirt.


Most of the times the contrast collar is white in color, in casual shirts, any complimenting color is acceptable but in formal dress shirts, it should always be white.

Although rare, but if I ever come across a dress shirt with a contrast collar that’s not white, I usually run in the other direction.


A white contrast collar is a very classy and formal collar which has gained a great deal of popularity in the professional world as it is commonly worn by business professionals to portray a powerful, executive, image.



How to pull off the look:


Cuffs:  It’s highly recommended that your contrast collar dress shirt should have contrast French cuffs as well.

An unspoken design rule for a contrast collar dress shirt is that if the shirt has French cuffs they will always be the same contrast color as the collar;


If you see otherwise, it’s simply a design flaw.

Now, the only exception to the rule is if your shirt has button cuffs in which case, a non-contrast cuff is not a sartorial blunder.


For me, personally, the contrast collar is just incomplete without French cuffs.


Tie:  A tie and clip are recommended for contrast collars, particularly if you’re wearing a suit.  If you don’t wear ties much;

I suggest a button down contrast collar, as that collar goes really well under a jacket when there is no tie.


Now keep in mind, the above style tips and advice apply to formal dress shirts, not casual shirts.


To look your sartorial best, throw on a set of suspenders and you’re all set.



Walk the walk, talk the talk and rock the look!




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