The Wedding Date Suit

So your lady friend has been invited to a wedding and she’s asked you to be her date.

Assuming that you are interested in accompanying the lovely lady on this special occasion and, you want to make sure she’s glad she asked:


here’s what a Gentlemen would do:

First off, you need to understand the significance of your date’s presence at this wedding;

If she’s a bridesmaid VS., Being just a friend of the couple who has asked to bring along a date to their wedding; could be reason enough to make a few tweaks to your outfit.

In either scenario, a Gentleman would ask his date if there is ‘anything in particular’ that she would like for him to wear.

Keep in mind that asking her doesn’t enforce that you necessarily must wear what she has suggested, but it will surely be appreciated and it will open this topic for discussion which will help eliminate a potential outfit mistake.

Typically, a bridesmaid may want her date to wear something complimenting her outfit; it could be as little as a matching tie.  So talk about it.

Remember this essential outfit rule:  Always wear what you feel represents your personality; only then, you are going to be comfortable in your outfit.  Don’t dress loud and bright, if you are a quiet introvert.

Now, what suit to wear to a wedding?

Well, the better question, the question one should actually ask themselves when it comes to selecting an outfit for a wedding is:  “What suit NOT to wear”.

Make sure you learn beforehand what the groomsmen are wearing so that you’re not mistaken for a groomsman throughout the event.

I often tend to avoid all the common groomsmen outfits; They are, almost always:

A medium tone, solid color suit and a solid color tie.

The suit colors I avoid wearing to a wedding:  Solid Gray (and light gray), Solid Blue (and light blue) and black as in my experience, these are the common, uniform suit colors at wedding events.

Next:  is it a day time event, an evening event or a midday event which will carry on till the evening?

The time of day should definitely dictate the color of your outfit.

Here’s a general rule for deciding which colors to wear when:

  1. Morning and day time events call for lighter and brighter colors (navy blue is an exception to the rule).
  2. Evening events call for darker colors (white is an exception to the rule).
  3. For events which will cover some day and some night, you should stick to more neutral / medium tone colors (navy blue, white and black are exceptions to the rule).

Now, understanding the above mentioned and with the aspiration to look my sartorial best while not over doing it;

Personally, I would prefer to wear a two button, navy blue suit as this is a universal color and will compliment just about any event during any time of day or night and, any color of skin.

Alternatively, I could also wear a two button navy blue blazer with golden buttons and dark gray trousers.

I recommend wearing your navy suit / jacket over a predominantly white shirt, burgundy color tie, accompanied with a formal brown leather belt and formal brown leather shoes.


  • About your Suit / Jacket: The fabric matters a lot.  I would invest in a Super 120s all wool fabric which has a nice subtle sheen.
  • About your Shirt: Wear a nice, predominantly white color, premium cotton shirt with a traditional barrel cuff or a French cuff.  If you’re wearing a French cuff under a blazer, make sure your cufflinks compliment your golden buttons.

It’s okay to wear a striped shirt as long as the colors are complimenting the whole outfit.

  • About your Tie: I personally love the combination of Navy and Burgundy/Maroon colors; wear a silk tie with a nice pattern or print and be sure to invest in a golden tie clip to look your sartorial best.
  • About your Pocket Square: Your pocket square should always stand out as much as your tie

    but that does not mean that it should match your tie.  I suggest you wear a pocket square which is from the same color family as your tie but has other colors as well which compliment your outfit.


If it’s cold outside, make sure to wear a scarf; charcoal or espresso color will go well.  If it’s freezing; throw on a fawn or charcoal over coat or pea coat and carry a nice, wooden umbrella.

Walk the walk, talk the talk and rock the look!



– Gurri Kahlon

Legend and Stick


A brand focused on a Selective Collection of Suits, Shirts and Fine things in life for the Sartorial Man.



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