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John Rigby & Co

Rigby is a UK based outdoorsman company. To help increase branding and lift company revenues they wanted a line of custom garments to sell. 

Our in-house designers created a series of t-shirts, and jackets that surpassed Rigby's expectations. The garments were designed to the strict specifications of an outdoorsman while maintaining a classic style.

Examples Of Past Work








Casual Shirts


Safari Clothing








Formal Suits


Formal Shirts





Our Production Capabilities

Our core focus is quality and not quantity. We only produce what we can perfect and feel comfortable knowing that we are maintaining your brand’s image and standard of workmanship.

We have have the capability to produce up to 200,000 garments and 10,000 bags per month.

Our production is focused on the categories below.


Men's Fashionable  Casuals:

Button Down Shirts, Polo Shirts, Rugby Shirts, Hanleys, Tee Shirts, Chinos, Cotton Trousers, Varsity Jacket, Quilted Jackets and Goat Skin Bomber Jackets.


Men's Semi Formals:

Woolen Jackets, Waist Coats, Gilets, Sport Coats and Long Coats.


Men's Enthusiast:

Action Back Shooting Jackets, Norfolk Jackets, Shooting Vests, Shooting Waist Coats, Shooting Shirts, Shooting Tee Shirts, Safari Jackets, and Safari Shirts.


Bags & Accessories:

Canvas or Leather Weekend Bag, Canvas or Leather Weekend Shooting Bag, Canvas or Leather Travel Kit, Goat Skin Wallet, Goat Skin Passport Holder, and Goat Skin Portfolio.

6 Advantages You Gain When Working With Us

    USA: your interactions through out the production cycle will be with our San Jose, CA USA office. This reduces the time zone and language issues.

    INDIA: - your garments will be made in our ISO certified factory in Pubjab, India. 

    Our artisan tailors average 25 years of experince in garment design and manufacturing.

  2. LOW COSTS MANUFACTURING: since our operations are based in India, we pass the labor and material cost savings to you.

  3. VIDEO PROGRESS UPDATES: our team will prepare weekly video updates of your production. This gives you insight into the work status and product close ups.

  4. FAST SHIPPING: items ordered are shipped via air or sea right to your door. We cam also handle all customs related work as well.

  5. IP RIGHTS: we sign off and gaurantee all design Intellectual Property rights to you.

  6. MARKETING SERVICES: we are connected to some of the top fashion and apparel influencers globally. Our team can setup introductions to create awareness of your brand. 

Production Process

This is the typical flow you should expect when producing garments

Discuss Your Ideas With Us

Our teams in USA and India will connect with you to learn about your goals, you designs, timeline, budget, fabric options and order quatity.


We source fabrics, buttons, threads, zippers, leather, etc from our trusted partners. We only work with the best providers to ensure your garments are of quality.


Based on your templates, we will design prototypes.

Communication is done over video chat. Samples can be shipped to your location for review. You are also welcome to visit our factory during this period.

We typically see 3-4 rounds of sample designs before the client finalizes their changes.


The fun begins here. Our team will dedicate hours of labor to produce exactly what you approved.

Each garment produces undergoes a full visual, button, zipper, and thread quality test before packaging.


We pack your graments in the final boxing of your desire and ready them for shipment.

We prepare all custom documents for you to ship via air or sea. Items can be shipped right to you.

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About Us

Legend And Stick is inspired by a legacy, the legacy of General Chanda Singh, a legendary polo player of the 18th - 19th century, who toured the world, made friends with Kings and became accustomed to the finer things in life.

After an abundance of experience from start-up success and failure and in 2013, Gurri Kahlon (grandson of Chanda Singh), from the Silicon Valley decided to embark on an endeavor where he can combine his passion for fine clothing and promote his great grand father’s legacy which has always been a strong influence on every aspect of his life.

In 2016, Gurri’s longtime friend and successful Silicon Valley, YC funded entrepreneur, Lloyd Jacob joined on as C.E.O. 


"When Gurri shared his vision to bridge this huge industrial gap of technology and manufacturing and the gap between the east and west world, of possessing a similar sense of fashion and it being communicated and understood on the other side of the world, I think that having Americans on the manufacturing West, now that’s a huge win in this industry, especially for our clients.
- Lloyd Jacob - CEO


Gurri Kahlon

Gurri Kahlon

Founder, Chief Designer

Lloyd Jacob


Ready To Start Your Order?

We understand this is a big step. Click the button below to connect with us and ask any question you have and decide yourself if we are the best choice for you.

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